German Shepherd Pranked By Crocodile Mask! 1,083

The way the man entered the room is far more hilarious than the reaction of the dog

….anyways loved the reaction of the dog

A few weeks later, a humorous anecdote. The master was attacked by an alligator and the dog thought it was a joke and ignored it. RIP. Aww…oh my goodness… sweet sweet precious boy! He’s trying so hard with all of his might to remain calm and collected but with good reason freaking out at the same time… this is a messed up joke! He looked really frightened and confused. His heart was probably racing and pounding hard. I mean. Some people will call me a debbie downer but I think this is a really mean prank to pull on your doggie! :c The German Shepherd is, like, “well, he smells familiar but that face…”

I love the

dogs face in the thumbnail

made my day que cachorro lindo demais

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