German Shepherd Meets Puppies for the First Time 245

It’s amazing how they all have such different personalities from birth. One is like, “I’m going to hide behind this pillow so maybe Daddy won’t notice me.” And the little yellow one is like, “Daddy! I bite you on the nose!” 😄 I have bad depression/anxiety but this actually melted my heart ❤️ and made me feel ….I can’t put it into words.thank you for posting I love how one golden pup is the naughtiest and the other is the shyest… The dog went to the shy one like “hey little buddy” and the naughty one just kept fighting for attention haha. Such curious babies.. ❤️❤️This is too adorable Look at this highly intelligent dog making a mental note for the scent of each of the puppies and establishing its dominance as the leader of the pack. Best dogs on the planet. Acho legal pq o Rocky tá aprendendo a conviver com outros doguinhos. Orelha em pé. Adooooro pastor alemão. ❤❤❤I love seeing the daddy interact with them for the first time 😭❤️

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