German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are Best Friends for Kitten 4,549

German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are Best Friends for Kitten! We hope you enjoy this video, subscribe to Rocky! The reason why people’s hearts are healed when they come in contact with pets is not only because of their cute appearance. The daily care and affection that we give to our pets itself helps to heal our hearts. In addition, nonverbal communication with animals, whose emotions are not hidden, helps us develop a sense of compassion for others. When you do something for your pet that makes him or her happy, it makes you happy, too. Living with a pet can be difficult at times, but it can also be a great source of comfort and healing. Please try to have a pet and let it heal you.Rocky has come a long way since his first interaction with the baby 🐥 he tried to eat. Love how gentle, loving and caring your dogs are. Love the way Rocky & Bailey’s (& Teddy’s) “mom & dad” have so beautifully trained their pups to be the most benevolent of kitty friends <3 And thank you that we got to watch Rocky learning! thank you for sharing some of that process! Think Rocky has almost finally grown into his big body and can keep track of where his paws (and his mouth!) are. And well Bailey, gentle nanny <3I am always so happy to see Rocky, seems Kitty has taken a real liking for Rocky, yay 💗💗 good to see Bailey just relaxing too. 💗 Rocky is very well trained, never puts his mouth on Kitty. There once was a tomcat that would challenge my female cat while he walked along my back fence. My sheltie took serious offense at that tomcat for challenging his ‘sister’. It took the sheltie a few attempts but he finally put a huge liplock on that tomcat. Needless to say that tomcat did not revisit our yard. When they live together they become family no matter what they are.

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