German Shepherd and German Shepherd Puppy Playing [Cuteness Overload] 187

Little Jessie is getting bigger quickly. Is she the extra fuzzy version of GSDs? Rocky is so gentle with her and manages to avoid her very pointy puppy teeth. Thank you for the heartwarming update!  Gracias a los papis de Rocky, Jessie y sus hermanitos por compartir tanto amor y locurita Rocky loves putting little heads into his mouth the way he would with Simon and the kittens. Rocky dear, this puppy’s head is not that little. So beautiful as usual. The small fellow is a born little trouble maker and a comedian rolled into one. I would pay anything to spend a day in their company. We don’t give dogs half the credit they deserve. Long may they live and give enjoyment to you and long may you make those beautiful videos.Cuando no te cansas de mirarlos!

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