Gentle Golden Retriever and Cuddly Kitten Are Pure Cuteness 268

This is the sweetest and cutest thing you’ll see all day. This video should be made mandatory to watch every morning! Ahhhh! I LoVED it!Everyone should take a break from all the craziness of this year between Covid, the election and every other crazy thing that’s happened in 2020 and watch this video. You will thank yourself and actually smile. Filled with warm fuzzy cuteness – something everybody needs a moment of this year This is pure BLISS!! Imagine Having the Comfort Of Such Loving Companion. Sharing is Caring..This is Sweeetness in EXTREME!! It Can’t Get Cuter Than This..Total BLISS  Absolutely loving … I think this is something one wonders about thanks for showing these amazing. special guys called love. Many Blessings to you .God gave man the Golde  Retriever to show us, the humans, how to be kind to those who are different, and how to truly love That is soo adorable watching these 2 spend time together sleep together eat together I went nuts I love this video u dont see anything like this between a grown dog and a kitten its extremely rare this is a great vidoe i love it!!!Oh, my, my, my!!! This has gotta be the most sweetest, most adorable cat  and dog video yet ….Dog, “I know you look different from your brothers and sisters, but I love you just as much!” Cuteness overload alert!! Warning–Cuteness overload  Beautiful….

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