Funny Puppies Reaction to Cat🐱❤🐶 453

Enjoy new funniest and cutest video of the Funny Puppies Reaction to Cat I love the dynamics. They look at each other, one puppy looks towards the camera as if to say ‘What shall I do?!’ One puppy is closer to the kitty and they both look at him. The kitty moves over a bit and looks away like the puppies did. The kitty yawns as if she’s bored. The puppies sniffs the kitty and the kitty leaves. 🤭 These pups have got the cutest eyes. 😍 That one looks very concerned about the cat being so close, too. 😂 They seem to know on some deep instinctive level, this is something not to be messed with! Especially the blonder puppy…. 💕 That cat is so chill. Usually in these scenarios, the cat is the one trying to avoid the pups. But the cat don’t mind at all and even became a catloaf in front of them 😂.

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