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The American Pit Bull Terrier is an intelligent and confident dog. A more well-behaved dog will be a reliable and loyal companion when trained by a good leader and socialized early. You can prevent their harsh and aggressive nature only with good training. It is a known fact that they are very courageous and if these habits are supported by bad breeders, they can come across as a fearful dog that causes harm around them. One way to minimize their harsh personality is to love them and raise them in a loving family environment. In the past, American Pitbull Terriers were used as fighting dogs. Therefore, there is a prejudice against this race that settles in the minds of people. It is a non-aggressive, affectionate and protective dog that does not behave aggressively when raised by a good leader. However, due to prejudices, it has become an unwanted and feared dog, which is known as aggressive and aggressive in most places. With its muscular, agile and athletic structure, it is a very good protector and guard dog. The possible aggressive reflexes of these dogs are more towards dogs and animals, not people. With the right training, his gentle, affectionate and playful sides, which are not seen by most people, should also be revealed. A knowledgeable, conscientious and good breeder will deal with the stubbornness of these dogs and ensure that they have good gains. Training processes are completed easily. These very intelligent dogs are easily trained by a good leader. The feeling of obedience to the owner and the desire to please him also facilitate this process. This breed, which is friendly, good-natured and docile, has a talent for where and how to behave. They do not hesitate to exhibit protective behaviors if they feel necessary. Loving, docile and playful towards family members and loved ones, the American Pit Bull Terrier is more moderate and friendly towards strangers he meets while his family is with him. Regardless of their size, they are a warm-blooded breed that can get in the lap of the people they love and demand attention. They love people and get to know the people around their owner over time, and when they see other unfamiliar people, they immediately report as a good watchdog. Their affectionate approach towards familiar people, other than family members, does not make them very protective dogs. However, if he encounters a situation that threatens his family and loved ones, his protective sides emerge and he will never stay away from a fight. When necessary, the American Pitbull with unmatched courage protects his family at the cost of his life. He is usually very good with children. They are tolerant of pain. They involuntarily endure harsh approaches of children and do not react. However, they can unintentionally harm small children with their large bodies. Therefore, it is not recommended to be left alone with small children. As with any dog, it is ideal for them to play and communicate under your supervision. It should not be left alone in communication with pets and dogs. It is possible for them to have an aggressive attitude towards dogs, so you should not walk them off-leash when you are out for a walk in dog parks. Dogs that are not adequately socialized are likely to become aggressive and aggressive towards other dogs. If Pitbull finds himself in such a situation, if the dog in front of him is inclined to fight, he will never stop fighting. In order to prevent this situation, it is very important that the owner is always in control. The American Pitbull Terrier is a house dog. It has low resistance to cold weather. Regardless of the climate, staying outside for a long time will adversely affect their health. Due to their devotion and loyalty to their family, they cannot live outside alone. Being apart from their family and loved ones for a long time makes them feel very sad, abandoned and causes pain. In order for your dog not to be aggressive, aggressive and grumpy; you should give the best education, socialize, enable him to interact with different people and animals in different environments, and raise him in a loving family environment. With these steps, you can make the American Pitbull Terrier more well-behaved and friendly.


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