Funny German Shepherd Reacts to himself on Youtube Video! We hope you enjoy this video, subscribe to Rocky! 1,085

Now show him this video so he can watch himself watching himself lol “How can this be?!” Love all the vocalizing, rotating ears and head tilting. So cute !! Now that Rocky hears himself on video, he’s like practicing his howling to not be so puppy high-pitched.  I love you Rocky!! That is hilarious. We filmed our dog , put him the TV and filmed him barking at himself. So funny.RIP my sweet boy Raider. The head tilt  Rocky is so cute and gentle I have a soft spot for German Shepherd  He is a wonderful and very kind dog, I wish him health and a happy life, God willing, and those with him at home  That is hysterical and adorable! The attention span was amazing! I don’t know if the tablet would still be in one piece had I been able to let my Disney try that. You made my day! Our big Shepherd looks so much like yours. He does that head tilting routine too. We always say he’s getting the pea back in place! lol My GSD name also Rocky he was so cute and very cruel  I loved him so much. He passed away 8 months ago,   I think Rocky is confused about the video and think “who ist this guy sounds like me”… Rocky keeps on tilting his head as if he is trying to figure out what is really happening. Who is this? Is it me or another dog? Dogs are amazing all with their own unique personalities. Their capacity for empathy is down right amazing. Good Boy …..!!! Rocky recognized seeing & hearing himself was cool to see. He’s so handsome  I imagine Rocky thinking, “who is that handsome fellow with the magical singing voice?”

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