Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Kitty sees them for the First Time] 998

I know my comment is pretty much the same as everyone’s, but this dog makes my day!! He’s a real life Teddy bear just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing him. Teddy is now gigantic! What a wonderful, awesome dog. He was so cute with the adorable puppy. I love how the playful puppy has no fear of his King Kong size buddy. And that Teddy is so gentle, even though he could eat the little one in 1 bite!  Love how Teddy put Those beautiful soulful eyes. He’s a great puppysitter because he’s such a gentle giant. The largest breed I’ve had are Golden Retrievers, so this was so great to see!! I swear the one paw is practically the size of the pups head!!  They both get an A+ !! So sweet!  Their munchies to each other is just so sweet and teddy’s ever unbothered face is a sight to see  I had a 73kg dog back in the 90’s and she was just as goofy and gentle as Teddy. Gosh I miss her. Thanks for sharing. This was too adorable.  Such a cute meeting! This is special because it wasn’t spoiled by a voiceover. The video allows the watcher to enjoy a wonderful start to a friendship we hope will endure. Someone certainly picked an ideal new companion for their previous pet. Both dogs are so appealing one wants to hug them . Sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time. When Teddy puts his paw on the puppy and the puppy puts his head on Teddy’s paws, I couldn’t stop smiling. The puppy adores his gentle and fluffy big brother. Both doggies are so cute Thanks for sharing  Teddy must have had a tasty breakfast! Puppy trying to enjoy Teddys mouth  little fella’s personality is showing, happy boys I think Teddy gives warmest hugs!!

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