Funny Cat Reaction to Puppies [Dora sees them for the First Time] 24,221

That is a well behaved and patient cat… I think the cat knows that these are not threatening animals and displays the appropriate amount of caution and acceptance. Kudos to the puppies for also seemingly exercising a bit of restraint as well  I think the cat realizes they are babies and is trying to have the appropriate patience.Just put our dog down yesterday he was 18 years old & while I get the whole “at least he’s not in pain anymore” it doesn’t make it any less difficult losing a family member after 18 years is one of the toughest things to go through. Now I’m consoling myself by watching doggy videos First of all, the puppies are so darn cute  Dory, it’s saying in the back of her mind, “why are they inviting my space, ” LOL  That dark puppy was sleeping SO HARD! His brother was nibbling on him and I was thinking “is he OK?!” because he didn’t so much as blink! Dora so much cuteness so calm with the the five tiny adorable puppies . All are so precious Dora and her new puppy  friends.Awesome seeing them all .  OMG this CUTIES BABIES is so SWEET AND KITTY to! Puppies are so playful and kitty get along with them! This is BLESSINGS from GOD PRICELESS!

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