Funny Bernese Mountain Dog Reacts to Puppy 244

I know my comment is pretty much the same as everyone’s, but this dog makes my day!! He’s a real life Teddy bear  just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing him.🐾I love how the playful puppy has no fear of his King Kong size buddy. And that Teddy is so gentle, even though he could eat the little one in 1 bite!  The largest breed I’ve had are Golden Retrievers, so this was so great to see!! I swear the one paw is practically the size of the pups head!!  They both get an A+ !! So sweet! Teddy is now gigantic! What a wonderful, awesome dog. He was so cute with the adorable puppy.  Those beautiful soulful eyes. He’s a great puppysitter because he’s such a gentle giant.🐾 Such a cute meeting! This is special because it wasn’t spoiled by a voiceover. The video allows the watcher to enjoy a wonderful start to a friendship we hope will endure. Someone certainly picked an ideal new companion for their previous pet. Both dogs are so appealing one wants to hug them The puppy adores his gentle and fluffy big brother. Both doggies are so cute  Thanks for sharing

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