Funny and Cute golden retriever Puppies Compilation #1- Cutest Golden Puppy 100


It’s hard to find out that tail belongs to you  Goldens retrievers are like angels sent to us from god I really love them!! I can’t even imagine the happiness all these people have in their homes with all these goof balls, like, I want to get one now it’s beyond adorableI have a full house dogs everywhere I love them so much but I can always get find room for moreI’m gonna have a Golden family and we are gonna live together happily ever after. I don’t need no man. Awww I love those cute , GR PUPPIES ..They are not only adorable , they are also funny . Oh how I love that .MOMMY GR with a puppy in the basket . I didn’t realise that the other dog was a toy so I was like “Why does it look so dead?” Lol Omg I love goldens omg they are soo fukin cute and adorable ughhh . It was soooo ughh cuteee when the pup was biting down on the ballon omgg

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