Funny and Cute golden retriever Puppies Compilation😁🤗🥰 #4 – Cutest Golden Puppies 448

They are, hands down, the best dogs in the world!! 💖💖💖 Your very best friend!! Hearing the beginning of a fan chant in this video is so funny. 😂😂😂 ARMY you are everywhere. I love the puppies! Love the dog using the toilet, does he flush as well, he has better aim than humans! How would one get the dog down off the roof? Reminded me of a house I lived at in another state, I was sitting outside with my dog, Simon, the Golden Retriever, and no-one bothered to let the tenants know, that a handyman was coming in to clear the roof guttering, in the hood, it is not a good idea, to just turn up. Anyway he blows all the leaves from the gutter, straight into the other neighbours yards, right on top of his head, and then it was all on, and ended up in the paper. Why he used a leaf blower, instead of just pulling the leaves out with gloves, or better yet, install gutter guard, so leaves don’t build up. They all also removed the water tank and clothes line from my yard, and half the yard to build illegally a small unit, and doing so blocked everyone’s plumbing, and knocked out the gas line. Thus the builder company that did that, no longer exist. When one sells off housing commission houses, it is meant to be owner occupied, to help low income families, to own a house, but here, they illegally rented out and made profits, and did illegal sub-division, hence the Real Estate Agent, got 3 years jail for this. Unfortunately, us, dopey tenants, were not told this, and found out on the news, whilst still inside renting. Worse, they took the rain water pipe, and re-connected it to the outside drain, which was the house drain for the laundry and bath. So in winter, every time it rained, the water poured off the roof, straight into the drain, and then when having a shower, drain flooded, and water started coming back inside the house. It re-filled up all the house pipes, and thus I had a lovely hot shower in winter, to walk out into the laundry, and into 2 inches of water, and then it started to lift the tiles off, as no-one bothered to fix it. Mick Wood, also stalk and harass me in that state too, and yes thought it was wonderful to help block up the drains, adding to this problem. No tradesman wanted to come out, as area was too violent, and no-one would pay for the damages. It was really sad, I witnessed so many assaults, so many people being kicked out illegally, property damaged, and for what, more money in the bank for greedy people, ripping off people on welfare. It was horrible.

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