Fluffy Homeless Kitten Saved by Loving Family Dog 269


The little blue eyed fluff is absolutely adorable

I just don’t understand the thumbs down people. Must not like animals or something. Anyway, he grew up to be a handsome boy, and thanks for saving him and taking him to the vet. God bless u always!! Wow, that kitten grew to be a handsome looking pet. Thanks to the people and dog who saved him. A little help sure goes a long way. That dog is a hero!! Look at how this cute little meower turned out

So adorable and so cute, and now this lucky little kitten has become so precious.

He is a beauty. I would take him in a heartbeat. He should be kept indoors only, for his safety God bless this wonderful family for saving a life. All the best to all of them

How lucky kitty was that a dog found her and her mom took her to the vet for checks and now she is beautiful

 Sweet little darling! So glad they fought for this little baby.

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