Fireman Saves Kitten 329

people, pets…..everything, fire fighters, EMS workers, and police are people who really care about life, I always make sure to thank any emergency worker I see in person, and if your an emergency worker of any kind and your reading this, Thank you for everything you do!
I watched this as a little kid, I started to tear up!  God bless you heroic firefighters! Such an angel.  When the kitten meowed, I almost bursted out in beautiful tears.
This is legitimately one of my favourite videos on YouTube. I think the reason why so many people disliked the video is because it wasn’t a real scenario it was only a promotional video. However, those people are too serious, I still absolutely love this.
This is so hard to watch, it makes me want to cry, the poor thing. I’m just glad it survived! It’s so young and helpless..

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