Feral Stray Cat Was Afraid Of People Until He Found His Human 232

A cat named Albert lived on the street for several years. What exactly happened to him in the past is unknown, but he shunned people and avoided all contact with them – until this spring the cat was found by a kind Australian woman. He reminds me of a stray cat I took care of as a kid and teen I named Pauley. He was an American tabby but instead of being orange he was buff (like a creamsicle color). He had been in a lot of fights with other animals and looked like a stereotypical psycho because of the damage to his face but he was the sweetest boy. I think “owner” is a bit strong in this context. Yes, I pay the bills, buy the food, and clean up, but do I “own” anything if it totally ignores me and does what it pleases? Cats always find a good human if they are looking? He got a good human who was looking for a cat. Wonderful.

“”””” Poor Albert. He is so tired. Good to know he found a good human and a loving home.

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