Dogs Who Have Loved Their Cats Ever Since They Met – CATS AND DOGS The Wonderful Friendship 2,648

i have a very very large pyraneese/great dane and a couple years ago i had found this tiny abandoned kitten and brought her was amazing to me how gentle and careful this horse dog was around the kitten, it was like he was in a different mode around her. And they absolutely love each other now. This is so nice and heartwarming to see how all these cute and adorable dogs and kittens are so lovely together. Too cute for words. Wish them all many happy years together full with joy and love. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful, cute and lovely Video . They are all so cute and sweet! Help a stray if you can. They depend so much on us. Thank you for sharing. I just love watching most dogs interact nicely with kittens, like the ones in this video. But I’m not so hot on pitbulls. My neighbor has one That hound will eat anything. Just this morning I saw him eating a piece of wood from the neighbor’s woodpile. To make it worse, he jumped the fence the other day and tried to bite the tires off one of those motorized carts they have at supermarkets. An elderly neighbor had borrowed it and was using it to try to get back to the supermarket to pick up some food for his pantry. It’s amazing that the neighbors let the dog get away with this. It’s quite an example, however, of sharing and caring that the supermarket lets people use their carts to get back and forth between their home and the grocery, trying to do what they can to look our for some of our most vulnerable citizens.Dogs  love their cat friends because they are always around humans walk in and out of their lives everyday to go to work this is traumatizing because dogs are accustom to having their pack around 24/7 it bring reassuring comfort to the dog  when the cat  is around that way he is not alone. It gets to the point that the dog  prefers the cat  over the human.

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