Dog Saved a Stray Kitten And Nursed It Back To Health Like a Puppy 1,197

This dog is truly amazing, he sets a great example for some humans out there❤They’re so cute! It’s so nice to have them in a family! And together!God bless this dog for protecting this sweet little baby kitten 🙏❤️ glad that they are living the best life ever with their new family 💞This is a bond that never will be broken and I’m so glad they were adopted together.I’m so glad Goldie and Kate went home together. Their bond should never be broken 💞💕💗 We all admire people who rescue and care for animals in need and rightly so. But most of us do it because we have been raised to believe it is the RIGHT thing to do. Yet “lesser” creatures, like this dog, do the very same thing, presumably due to an innate drive present in most sentient beings. Always heart-warming to witness!Thank you to the nurse for saving them. Bless the people who adopted them together and gave them a forever home.Even animal know how to show compassion. We should show respect them instead just saying “hey its just an animal”, We could learn ton of things from themAmen 🙏 What a wonderful dog. Sometimes people should follow the knowledge of an animal.Talk about finding treasures – can’t beat this.❤️People should learn how to love ❤ God blessed both of them 🙏These poor animals who need us DESPERATELY.. Our next adoptions will be one’s who have been abused, neglected or overlooked and especially the elderly ones who were DUMPED just when they needed their family the most!GOD BLESS! 🙏🙏🙏 If you read my entire comment…. Please 🙏 Please 🙏 Please 🙏 REMEMBER to adopt.They should show the video in classrooms. It is really sweet how the two was adopted togetherSweet story thanks for saving them they are soooooo adorable together love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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