Dog Rescues Wet Stray Kittens And Becomes a Father To Them 1,300

One rainy day, a woman was walking her dog Turbo and found three drenched kittens. The kittens were very cold, so the woman quickly brought them home. Turbo was also very worried about the kittens. You are a hero Turbo for helping and saving these cute and adorable kittens. Happy they have forever homes. Take care Turbo. This story makes me smile and then laugh so hard at the kittens jumping all over the dog. The dog playing with them was so heartwarming  These kitties melt my heart. They were so vulnerable. I’m glad all worked out for them due to the kind woman who adopted them and their babysitter, Turbo. Turbo, you are a great kitten – daddy. I hope this kitties feels love and joy in there new families. such a sweet doggie and precious kittens. Maybe you should keep one of the kittens with you so Turbo can have a buddy for life and likewise.

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