Deer Brings Her Babies To Meet Her Dog Best Friend Every Spring! | The Dodo Odd Couples 7,508

Buttons is like a stray cat that just wanders in and out of your yard as she pleases Also I love that the dog’s name is G-Bro lolI love that the cat is in on the action as well. Animals getting along, together gives us hope.Despite all of the dark,disgusting, and down right cruel things that happen in the world. This channel is just such a heart warming little refuge from the world As someone who absolutely loves deer, this is an incredible bond. It’s great to see how trusting Buttons is and how she has taught that to her fawns; but it is also wonderful that she is clearly able to survive and be independent as a wild animal.I’d never imagine a deer approaching a dog, let alone trusting it to be within 2 feet of her fawns. She loves this dog though clearly and knows he won’t hurt her fawns. This really made my day better. I love animals. I’ve been following the Browns’ farm family for about a year on Instagram and the scenes they film are absolutely remarkable! It’s not just dogs & deer – all the animals there seem to be remarkably amicable cross-species. (Except for the wild ducks maybe, who do seem to get annoyed by the hyperactive dog? ) Can highly recommend their posts for super-cute content & just really amazing interactions…This the most beautiful thing  Turning up at the door like little kids when they go to visit their neighbourhood friend.I think we as humans don’t do anywhere near as good as animals when it comes to love, loyalty & acceptance. They are not rational thinking beings, yet they love so beautifully and authentically.Literally why I prefer animals to humans any day of the week!The fact that she brings her children to meet him just shows how strong the bond is. Like, “I want to raise my offspring around this dog and trust him around my babies,” That’s beautiful.Once in a while a video pops up that gives me the will to live! That was a beautiful video it filled me with joy, thanks Dodo.This is beautiful. What’s so insane is that they have a better relationship than most humans. Animals are such incredible creatures. What a wonderful way to start my day!!! Thank you for sharing this with us…I love that she gave kisses to the dog like “Yeah you can have some too.” And then he sat in front of her like “Can I have some more, please?” There’s somethin’ I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen it for my own eyes. It’s just one of those things that seem TOO pure and sweet for this world. But low and behold… it’s real! Beautiful!This is amazing! They don’t know that they are different, they just love and care for each other. Wouldn’t it be nice if humans could get along like these animals do??I loved this story, was adorable. It was a lot of fun to watch the special bond between the dog and the deer.

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