Dad Cat Meets His Baby Kittens for the First Time! 257

Ive witnessed first hand that male cats can have that parental instinct too. I used to foster kittens for a local shelter. My male cat used to be hostile around new kittens when I first bring them home- but later he becomes so loving and protective with them, including grooming them. And then when it’s time to go home to the shelter he will go sniffing around the place the kittens slept and find that they’re not there, and come to me meowing in panic .  I stopped fostering after that, too traumatic for himI loved how the female was like ” honey. These are your kids” the whole time. How she was kind of holding his paw meeting them the whole timeI love how both of the parents seem to have very mixed feelings about this. the dad wants to be close by but at the same time he’s veeeery uncomfortable with it, while the mom wants to show him the kittens she also doesn’t fully trust him with them. I wish this new family all the bestSuch fine felines!! Daddy cat looks like he wants to spend some time with the kids while moma isn’t around so that he can teach them all the fun stuff he’s not supposed to. When moma is there you can see that he is focused on staying inline so she doesn’t jump on his head! Lol!

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