Dachshund Puppy Eats Banana | The Dodo 297

What is the best way to feed a banana to a dachshund puppy? A banana is a great snack to offer to your pup. Its flavor is also very appealing to puppies and is great for teaching tricks. You can also stuff the banana in a Kong or other puzzle toy for a longer enjoyment. The peel of the fruit is not toxic to dogs, but it should always be avoided. However, a frozen or freshened one is ideal for your pup. It is important to remember that a banana is not a healthy food for your puppy. The high sugar content of bananas can lead to constipation, which is very common in dachshunds. A healthy diet will provide your puppy with the proper nutrients, as well as a good source of fibre. Just be aware of the amount of sugar in bananas. If you want your dachshund to eat a banana regularly, it is best to cut back on the quantity of bananas you give it. The best way to feed your dachshund a banana is by letting it eat it on your lap. Just be sure to avoid putting it in your dog’s bowl. Otherwise, it will be choking on it. A dog can’t chew on something as yucky as a banana, so you should make sure you supervise your puppy when he’s eating it.

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