Dachshund loves digging in wood pile 686

If your Dachshund loves to dig, you may be wondering why. The dog has a natural instinct to dig and burrow. You may find him hiding in your sofa blankets when he’s not looking. This is just part of his instinct and shouldn’t be discouraged. Your dachshund will find an appropriate place to make a den and enjoy it. In addition to using this space for hiding, your doxie will also enjoy being praised for achieving this feat. One of the most common places to find your dachshund is a wood pile. If you’ve ever seen one, you’ve probably seen one. This cute, sociable dog will enjoy digging in a wood pile. It also has a natural instinct to chase after small animals and dig holes in any given space. This behavior can be a positive trait, especially when you train your doxie to respect your home. If you’re wondering why your Dachshund loves to dig in a wood pile, you should understand the dog’s nature. This breed was bred to hunt badgers, and their natural instincts are to search for roots. It’s not uncommon for them to burrow in pillows and blankets to find a place to hide. They also enjoy playing with sticks and bones. You should be aware of the dangers of this behavior, so don’t let your doxie dig in your yard.

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