Cutest Baby kitten Learn her first lesson to be a real CAT – Meowing and Running 2,402

🥰 cute baby kitten very wonderful and very nice and very beautiful 🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️OMG, what a cute and beautiful precious babies!! their tails when they walk and cute meowing, such a stress-relieving video. I love their running, eating, playing and then sleeping and oh those little paws making biscuits!! Love you babies :)Hearing their voices is like therapy to me 😻Baby kitten very beauty and very happy 🐈😻👌Oh my gosh! Their little waddly walking at the beginning is the sweetest thing! They are so eager to learn and follow you! Beautiful Babies all of them! ❤️😻 These 2 cuties make me smile every time I watch them. It’s lovely to see them doing what kittens do and playing, eating, sleeping and hanging out with a kind human.💕 How is Lavender? Miss her.Muy hermosos ojalá que este Nuevo Hogar los cuide y que tengan todo el amor😘😘😘😘This cleared my depression and gave me my serotonin back ❤️This is the most precious thing ever. I’m so glad they’re being so well taken care of.OMG, cuteness overload. Hope Smokey’s leg muscles improve with these exercise sessions. Fantastic to watch!! Smokey seems to be especially smart and curious. Like he’s always checking out what is going on around him. Love them both so much. Looking forward to updates concerning their growth with new mom. So excited.

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