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Morkie Dog Breed Traits and Care Morkie breed, which is among the small dog breeds, was obtained as a result of crossbreeding Maltese Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier dogs. Morkie dogs, whose appearance is more reminiscent of Yorkshire Terriers, are a breed that is very loyal to their owner and likes to receive attention. Morkie dogs, which started to be produced in the 1990s, stand out with their playfulness and protective features as well as their cute appearance. These dogs, which have all the characteristics of Maltese Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier breeds, are also called Morkshire and Malkis. Like their two ancestors, the Morkie dog breeds are very demanding creatures and are a true lap dog. These dogs, who do not like to be alone, have spread to the world from the north of the United States and have managed to become one of the most popular house dog breeds.

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