Cute Leopard Gecko Longing For Treats 414

When you tease babe with food. ☺Oh my goodness, he has such an angelic face..😇🤗😍😘💗💖💜💚💛THE EYES ARE EXACTLY LIKE TOOTHLESS’S EYES, OML I used to have a friend who had the same kind of lizard. It liked to be held and hand fed meal worms 🐛.I thought image on Instagram was just edited😅 then I finally knew gecko’s are really Adorable and cute😍Leopard geckos are so stinking cute!!🥰 A friend of mine had a couple and I thought they were adorable. I’m wondering what you’re feeding him. My friend fed his live insects…meal worms, crickets and I think small grasshoppers. I love leopard geckos natural smile. My geckos warm my heart each & every time I look at them , they’re so cute 🥺💛I always thought if the eyes were like that something is wrong but apparently it’s just a mutation so I’m happy ^^💕💕

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