Cute British Shorthair kittens meet and walk with a tiny chicken🐥🐱 373

Awww….that’s so sweet!! Garfield. It looks like you’ve made yourself a new friend -a baby chick who is so cute. Looks like there is plenty of cuteness overload going on. I LOVE ❤️ your Teddy Kittens family so much and there will always be plenty of room in my heart for them and numerous other cats & kittens . What breed cat is the Teddy kittens and the mom and dad ? I’ll hold them against my heart ❤️ forever , just as I do my own kitten who is 8 months old -his name is Midnight and he is such a lovable boy who loves me and my family so much. Excuse my lengthy comment.. Hugs and Kisses who own these adorable kittens ,as they’re fortunate that they’re a part of the family. Such a cute babyes! 🥰 I just want to hold them in my hand ! My heart is melting ☺ Ps I think these two little guys are good friend 🤗OMG, this is so cute! I’m hope that Garfield, Caramel and Bianca had so much fun with the baby chick! Is the chick a boy or a girl, and what’s its name? If Too Cute was still airing, I bet that they’d all be featured in an episode! It’s just so totally sweet!

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