Crazy Husky Tries To Bite Me! I’m Actually Scared Of Him!! 1,783

Teddy is saying to himself, my humans are so much fun to play with!!! Teddy using his mouth to play with Shane like he does with Buddy and it was so much fun to watch! LOL Get’em Teddy!!! 😂🥰🥰 We need more Shane vs Teddy hahaha.
Everyone enjoying the space at your new abode. Life is just one big game for amazing Teddy. What was it Shane once said, something along the lines of not getting another dog? As much as he loves Phil and Niko he would be lost without Teddy to play with.
I just love love Teddy he’s so beautiful we have a husky named Bonnie and she is exactly the same if we pop out for 5 minutes she goes.crazy when we get back like we have been gone days but there’s no way we would ever be scared of her Mia your a lucky girl to grow up with that beautiful dog and Dad really come on looked like she’s protecting your greatest asset chase him back 💖 lovely memories Mez

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