\”Come back to me!\” – baby monkey Susie is worried that kittens fell out and crawled to mom cat 1,397

Monkey Susie lives in a family of cats with a mother cat and her kittens. She considers herself an older sister, and takes care of her kittens – brothers. And she also loves to lie with them when the mother cat feeds the kittens.
Cats’ ears have other important roles besides listening to sounds. These are \\”temperature regulation,\\” \\”sense of balance,\\” and \\”emotional expression. Many of you may have noticed that the ears of cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. are red or hot. The ears, which are exposed to the outside air, have many capillaries gathered together, and by contracting and dilating the capillaries, the body temperature is regulated. This is seen in many mammals, and the reason why animals in cold regions have small ears and those in hot regions have large ears is to prevent body heat from escaping or to lower the body temperature efficiently.

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