Coconut. Blue British Shorthair. Loves Brushing 1,177

I got a British blue hair boy cat for my family and having experienced numerous cats of other breeds before, I have never seen a cat who is so well behaved, easy going, sweet and friendly as he is. This was really surprising. He is not making any extra noise about anything, only small sounds if he decides that the food is not enough or up to par, or he wants us to check if he is worried that his poo is not covered well enough. Always uses his litterbox perfectly. If he does something wrong, just saying about once with a louder voice is enough for him to learn and he really does not do it again. He has really smart eyes and he looks you in the eyes with a very meaningful face saying:”I understand you.” I have never seen this kind of behavior with any cat before. Sometimes I feel like there is a human inside the cat and he really understands what we say to him. He is so sweet and always wants to be close to people and always purring when he is touched. So adorable, he had my heart since the first day.

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