Chartreux kittens playing 336

We ended up with a chartreux cat the neighbors across the street used to have her she would always come to our house instead and about a week ago we realized the people in that house are gone and the houses for sale so they moved in just abandoned her
My boyfriend (who’s french) and I have one named Lafayette. We love him. I am not really a cat person but i think i am starting to change my mind.
The video was very well edited and the captions were highly entertaining. The transformation was stunning. From scared, sick, hissing to healthy little energy filled purring machines Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.
Aww, what sweet little \”hissy\” sweethearts!! It’s always so heartwarming to see \”mean\” and \”hissing \” little kitties transform into cute and adorable little kitty cats all happy and playing with each other and giving and receiving lots of love from their foster parents. Thank you for these precious little angels

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