CATS vs DOGS! Love and hate! Compilation of funny cats and dogs for a good mood! 🤣 233

It’s a kind of defense mechanism. Cats are so much smaller than most dogs so they try to act big and tough, the best defense is a good offense! What is so funny is how the dogs react. They tend to be calm, well behaved dogs and get confused at first when the tiny cat attacks them. They get this look of disbelief on their faces then they Yelp and run away so funny!My best friends are cats. Which is so good, fun and mischievous. But keep in mind that they can sometimes attack. But it’s just an instinct.The reason that cats and dogs fight is a mis understanding of intentions. As we can see when they know each other they complement their physical differences and have fun together!I love cats and I tolerate dogs and they can best of friends and they also can be worst enemies and I love seeing how a 100lbs dog can be scared and an afraid of a 10 to 20lbs cat and cats rule too.One day that german shepherd will definitely end up hurting his neighbour cat or some stray cat. He is definitely building some anger towards his owner and cat because he knows his owner is a cat’s lover.I’m so sorry, but the general population of animal lovers prefer cats. If that feline scratched you you’ll just get a peak on the head, while your bleeding. Of course, I myself prefer dogs dogs are smarter than cats. However, cats do make an impression on me. LisaCat are blummin psycho’s  first day I got mine he was this lil kitten that would stalk u an lock onto ankles with teeth an claws an it only calmed down by half after neutering. He is a huge Maine coon now that will still sink his teeth at his own pleasure

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