British Shorthair kittens named Cola, Yupi, Pepsi, Fanta and Sprite in this video. They are growing very fast. They’re getting more active every day, and they won’t be able to keep up soon. Bassy loves them very much. The kittens went for a walk with their mother and meowed. 38

They are so cute and Bassy is such a lovely mother ! So nice to see your videos, thank you for sharing ♥ Cute names for the kittens after soft drinks. Mom is like my kids are AwesomeHow sweet they areI hope I can adapt even one of them…Thanks for sharing happy moment They are at their cutest at that age. And when they’re walking their little tails are pointing straight up, making them even cuter…..!  Dzień Dobry Miło Znów Zobaczyć Wasz Cudowny Film Pozdrawiam Serdecznie ElikMaravillosa familia de gatitos ,que cosas más lindas,sencillamente adorables traviesos los gatitos ,muy lindo ,video,me gustó ver esta familia felina These Kittens and Their Mother Are So Cute and Adorable, Blessings To You All For Taking Cares Of Them. They are so adorable I love them alreadywe would spoil them completely rotten they are so adorable Congratulations to Irina, Bassy and William!!!! Another litter of beautiful, precious kittens. Bassy, you are quite a woman! Your second, five kitten litter. What a good mother you are, too Wow…man so beautiful kitten these are? I am feeling jealous of are so lucky to have them…they are increasing the happiness and atmosphere in your home…wow Cute little floofs I love those babies so much

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