(Black Cat For Mom) Mom passed away last year. The cat is doing fine and missing Mom everyday. 716

I love how they gave her an adult cat instead of a kitten. Adult animals are less likely to be adopted and I think they are more appropriate for older adults, since is easier to see if the animal’s personality fits with the what the owner is seeking. Like in this video they gave her a very calm and accepting cat suitable for this lovely lady. I love this for so many reasons! It’s so sweet! They gave her an adult kitty, instead of a little one, which I assume is adopted or rescued, and that’s wonderful, since adult fur babies don’t always make the cut. And she called the kitty, “Her darling!” My favorite part for sure. Just precious! ♡ This is just so wholesome that I made a new watch list called “smile” just so I can watch it again on a bad day. The way she is squeaking and speechless until she finally chokes out the words “he’s darling!” Just melts my heart  I love how the cat just stays in her lap instead of trying to run away. “Oh, is this my place now, ok then.”

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