Big Mother Dog Adopts Stray Kitten Found Behind Garage 1,052

Doberman Mother Dog Adopts Stray Kitten Found Behind Garage Brittany Callan of New York City found a stray kitten and brought it home. Her Doberman Ruby took the kitten in as if it were her own. Beautiful and uplifting story… for all those who fall between the cracks – thankfully their are those who land in the lap of a new Mother’s Love . It is wonderful to actually see these stories, the kitten looked SO small and vulnerable – bless this rescue family. It is so moving !! It melts our hearts !! May God bless Ruby, this wonderful, exceptional and loving mother for bringing love, warmth, tenderness and her warm milk to this precious little and adorable little innocent life. May God bless and protect you all, Brittany and your loving hearts.

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