Begging Dog From Petrol Station Falls in Love With Her Rescuer 386

February 24 our country woke up to flying rockets and explosions! The governmental authorities of the Russian Federation started a full-scale war against our country… So many families leave the country and their pets are just left behind on the streets We don’t leave the country, we continue to feed stray dogs and rescue as many animals as we can Please pray for Ukraine, please pray for us and our Furry Friends to be safe She’s so well behaved, she’s gorgeous, no wonder she was snapped up so quick! Thank you so much for her rescuer ♥️ The people that rescue defenseless animals are angels. God bless you all Shame on the people who couldn’t bother to help her but I’m extremely grateful for the amazing help Linda received ! Love 💕 this rescue group! Thank you 🙏

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