Baby Monkey Thinks Golden Retriever Is His Mother 68,924

This little monkey doesn’t seem to be abused in anyway but taken very good care of right now
Thank you for sharing your beautiful family , a gift from God . You have made us so happy watching your pets .
What beautiful and healthy looking animals you have! You are very fortunate! I can’t have furry pets. The monkey and look very happy together!
This is so cute but that poor doggy monkeys love to climb and the cats o well they’ll hold there own
So very cute! All of your pets look happy and healthy. The cats are a little suspicious of your monkey.
So so cute both Retriever and monkey baby. I hope they spend a lot of time together. The baby will benefit SO MUCH from the emotional kindness, patience, security, soft manner and glossy wonderful coat to grasp. A step up from usual abusive antics.

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