Baby Learns To Howl And Shares Her First House With Malamutes! (SOO CUTE!!) 1,740

Have you ever seen anything as cute! Amelia howling trying to get the dogs to sing along with her! She also plays house and tea parties with them it’s so funny!
Absolutely adorable. Cannot believe how quickly Amelia is growing up, she is really adorable. Cute to see how much the dogs want to protect her.
I’m tearing up over her cuteness and, as you said, cheek! She is more adorable every day and it is a joy and privelege to watch your munchkin grow up with her sweet doggos you and Shane are such great parents. It’s obvious in Mia’s sweetness Thank you!
The way Mia gave herself away with that smile! She is so adorable. The dogs just could not wait outside of Mia’s house, could they? Your family videos are just so pure hearted, innocent, and absolute treat to watch!

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