Baby Kitten Doesn’t Want a Bath From Mama 23

That’s one determined Mama! They’re all having a bath no matter what little kitties think I’m a 61 year-old Grandfather and it actually tickled me just to watch this.This is one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen. That is one determined mother and one equally determined baby. Too precious. There’s nothing quite like seeing a Mommy cat with her kittens… just beautiful and heart-warming Yep, I remember hiding under MY bed when I didn’t want to interrupt playtime to have a bath. But Mamas and Mama cats are persistent. My kittens are the cleanest kittens in this neighborhood.”~~Mama Cat Cuanta humanidad, ya les gustaría a muchos bebés ser tratados con tanto  Feisty little kitty. He’s probably going to be very independent There are a lot of humans in this world that could learn from this video on how to take care of and love their children These videos always put a smile on your face. Great way to get rid of stress.Simply adorable. So so cute. That is so cute baby running away from Momma because she doesn’t want a bath, but Momma always catches up with her My mom used to yell into the bathroom as I was taking a bath or just washing up for dinner, “Don’t forget to wash behind your ears!” Till this day I do so even if I don’t understand why the ears have to be so clean! My mom has been gone for many years but this is just one example of the echcos I hear all the time. Mothers are so good at saying things that last a lifetime! It is funny how all baby mammals, regardless of species, detest having a bath and then instinctively try to get dirty again as soon as possibly can. That mom isn’t taking no for an answer! Kitten to human: You’re the only one who can protect me from the bath!

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