Baby Goat Bonds With Gentle Golden Retriever🦮❤🐏 296

Aww so cute. Dogs are truly special creatures 🧡 Natural and beautiful sheep, they really behave better than some humans. DEFINITLY!! 🐾❤🐾 Inseparable Best Friends 💗🥰🐶🐑🐾 This is my wolf and baby lamb princess years ago……both lived to old age and i miss them every day…thank you for the re-enactment btw this is exhaustive parenting for the dog lol xoxo. I wish them all long life and supreme care and love also 😘🐕🐑 Oh my godness !!!So lovely…is life to see.. with…so much friendship an love …help.. for everyone to see also between…You… .and …mee Thank You. it makes the day golden 🐕💕🐑🌻🌬💝

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