Are cats afraid? Those who don’t watch are missing out on a lot. 661

Never in my life have I laughed this hard before 😂😂😂😂 why am I just not getting into cat videosThe kitten with the lizard was just bananas! I love cats; they will keep you entertain for hours with their crazy curiosity. Nice video!I love how that when cats gets startled their first reaction is to either run or A S C E N D without moving their legs 😂This compilation is STELLAR!! I am a brand shiny new subscriber and LOVE your videos. Look forward to many belly laughs in future.I’ve never laughed this hard before. I almost fell off my bed laughing. These were funny as hell, except the man who scared the animal, because that was plain mean. Cats scaring themselves over innocuous objects or their own reflection is hilarious, but not people scaring cats. The way they try to touch a thing but it sticks to their hands and they think it is attacking them or something is so funny😂😂I thought that lizard was going to bit that cat and the cat was running flying around 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂THANK YOU…WELL DONEWELL DONE!Mood changer!Full belly laughs. Woke up the land lMy cat is super afraid of spiders…. he runs away when he sees one. What a mighty hunter. Then again, I’m a 5’3 giant monster and the spider is just a little tiny spot and I’m still scared of it… but I’ve never seen a cat being afraid of bugs until my little Chaplin 😂I almost laughed on every one but the most funny one was when the cat pushed over the water bottles and ran away LOLady.

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