Aggressive, Feral Kitten Loves To Cuddle Now – Rescue Homeless Cat 615

Mango – a homeless kitten found in the garden in a thin body with many fleas. A lady save him and gave him a second chance… 💗 The panic in the eyes of such a fragile being and then the amazed love in the eyes makes anyone with a good heart happy. If you don’t like it, don’t mistreat it, don’t abandon it. If you can, welcome and help. Anyone who saves a life saves himself. O pânico no olhar de um ser tão frágil e, depois, o amor espantado nos olhos deixa qualquer pessoa com um bom coração feliz. Se não gosta, não maltrate, não abandone. Se puder, acolha e ajude. Quem salva uma vida salva a si mesmo. From fearful and flea covered to being loved and adored! Amazing job, we need more people like this wonderful lady and her pup family, lovely story and ending for Mewvellous Mango

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