Adopted Golden Retriever Gets a Cute Puppy of His Own 210

Meet Jin Mao and Teddy  The sweet golden retriever who’s been adopted for more than two years gets a puppy of his own. Teddy is also an adopted puppy, these two goofballs are definitely going to be the best of friends!  I commend the pet owner for the calm, patient, vigilant, and gentle appropriate way he introduced these 2 to each other and the new puppy into his home, mindful of the puppy’s safety but respectful of his older dog’s emotional reassurance. Well done. These two make a cute adopted sibling couple, and I’m sure the little one has a better life in adoption… Bc the tail clipping and little size lead me to believe he wasn’t in the best situation beforehand. So I’d also like to thank the owner for taking in a new pup  Instead of being mean, big bro simply stopped eating for a moment when little one ate from his bowl. That is so thoughtful + sweet! No way was he going to risk an accidental nip of the pup. From down under.

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