Adopted Golden Retriever Gets a Cute Puppy of His Own💖 379

This adorable little puppy will find all the love his need in a beautiful house with a good family and a sweet big friend who’ ll taking care of him. Many kisses 🤗❤️🐕💞🐶💞😘❤️🐾Aww, this is so cute. The Golden loves the puppy. Goldens are the angels of the canine world. 🐶❤🐕❤My late husband told me about one of his dogs, a great Dane, who had its own puppy. He took it home because the owner was going to drown the puppy. It was the last one in the letter and he didn’t want to feed it anymore. He was going to find a good home for it, only his dog took the puppy and wouldn’t give it back. It was a small mixed breed, and the great Dane was over 140#. When he would be outside playing, because the little I couldn’t keep up dude pick it up in his mouth and carry it. Eventually it got too big for him to hold him in this mouth. Then he would run slower so that the puppy could keep up. As for feeding, he would pick up the puppy and drop them in his food dish. The puppy had his own food dish but that was not good enough. They Were inseparable.

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