Abandoned by the canal, thirsty and hungry mother takes care of her newborn babies. I will never forget your sad and scared eyes. He is very brave. mom. 4,601

The love and care that this man gives to the mama dog is nothing short of heroic. So beautiful. Thank you I will never understand how people can do this and live with themselves. It’s just heartbreaking but thank goodness for people like Milan. You’re all heroes in my eyes and I thank you all for what you’re doing every day for these beautiful creatures Deus proteja esses anjos que salva esses bichinhos. Lindo. Pena que existe gente ruim, e mal. Tem como não deixar que pegue filhotes. Acham que o abandonar e o certo. Cuidado. O o fim dessa gente é triste! Parabéns por essa linda atitude!Incredibly heartwarming video of such a sweet caring mommy dog, her love for her puppies! This couldn’t have happened without such a kind hearted person like this man, defending the helpless, being the voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves! Thank you so much for sharing this precious video! Blessings from Texas!He is such a kind, caring man. Saves these puppies and mama, who are in danger and desperate for a safe place, and gives them a safe place to live. Bless him! The love and patience of that man is amazing. What a sweet rescue story.Du machst das so unendlich liebevoll!!!! Ich selber glaube es gibt nur wenige Menschen auf dieser Welt wo sind wie Du. Ich habe unendlich viel Respekt vor Dir!!!! Danke das es Menschen gibt wie Dich. Danke von HerzenJesus saves a special place in heaven for people just like you who go out of their way and help and rescue animals. Great job.!!! What a kind and gentle man. Brave mama and her puppies are so well cared for and so happy.They’re all growing so fast and will be adopted. Enjoyed watching.That must be a very lonely road most of the time. I’d imagine anyone with a heart would’ve pulled over and rescued those dogs long before.Thank you for the rescue!Love from New York!

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