A Cat Found In a Discarded Backpack Gets a Second Life 💞💕🐈🐈‍⬛💗🙏 319

I’m not really a violent person but when I see such cruelty and intentional abuse and neglect of animals of animals children and people who cannot defend themselves it makes me just want to become enraged and violent thank goodness this woman was there to help this cat it just is amazing how inhumane people can be to each other and things that depend on them and sentient beings I’m so disappointed with us and humanity we must do better🙏🐈💔😇 I can’t even believe humans can be so utterly cruel.This magnificent tabby can now live his best life, thanks to his rescuer and the family who generously have given him a forever home!! Thank God for caring humans🥺🐈💕💕35 God Bless all the people who helped the kitty thrive! So wonderful that the woman was observant and noticed the backpack. There are too manJust so very sad what people are capable of 😢 thanks to a caring soul Hiro is living his best life now 🐾🐾🐈❣️ Another beautiful tail of a cat 🐾🐾🐈♥️ y cruel people in this world. Thank God there are many more kind people!!😻 Now I know to check trash cans often! I’ve heard of true stories where kittens and puppies were found too in trash cans so definitely be more aware when walking. Thank goodness Hiro was found, I definitely need to watch the show “Heroes” now too 🥰

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