To see Otie now, cozy and purring, you might never guess he was once just another sad cat in search of a happy home. But that’s exactly how his mom, Alyssa Keeling, found him while on a visit to her local animal shelter. I feel for Otie when he was lying that way in the cage. Soooo glad Otie’s found his human momma  He looks like an Otie. I am glad that handsome little guy found his hooman. My younger cat is a rescue that was depressed at the shelter. She wasn’t interacting with anyone and preferred to hide in a cubby. When I asked to see her, we went into the cage and the moment I gave her chin scratches she melted and started purring up a storm. I’ve had her for 5 months now and she is an absolute sweetheart with the cutest squeaky meow. I’m not surprised he was depressed stuck in a cage finally he found someone to save him and give him a happy life what he deserves bless him he is so adorable and friendly thanks for taking him home Thank you, Alyssa, for giving Otie a home and may you both have a long life together. Cages are normal the place for kitties. It is so depressing to know many cats have been placed in shelters recently because their owners can no longer afford to feed them. It doesn’t take alot to feed a cat: they can eat human canned meat too. I hate this inflationary economy that has created so much misery for humans and pets. The governments and central banks that created this inflation and greedy corporations that have benefitted from it should be cursed for the misery they have caused: may they receive a just reward of misery.




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